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Gum disease can weaken your overall health. And bad overall health can cause gum disease. Periodontal issues are linked and intertwined with overall health in complex ways that even the best researchers don’t completely understand. For the average person like you or me, however, the details and the relationship don’t matter much.

All you need to understand is that gum disease is incompatible with good overall health. Once you understand that, you can see why it’s so important to work in every possible way to reduce gum disease.

Understanding Gum Disease

When gum are well-maintained and adhere to the teeth they surround correctly, there’s no place for bacteria to grow and debris to hide. When teeth are dirty with plaque and tartar, gums don’t stick to them well, and that’s a problem. Deep “pockets” can develop between the teeth and the gums where bacteria can grow.

But this type of bacteria — called anaerobic bacteria — can’t live in the presence of oxygen, and that’s very important. That means you can introduce more oxygen into your mouth and kill some bacteria. Considering that this bacteria is the same kind that causes pancreatic cancer, heart disease and many other kinds of disease, it makes sense to eliminate as much of it as possible from you life.

Exactly how gum disease impacts many organs isn’t yet understood. While researchers will someday understand all the causal links, for now the most important thing you can do is reduce gum disease so you can maintain good overall health.

Controlling Gum Disease

Gum disease is manageable in a variety of ways, some better than others.

The simplest thing you can do to eliminate gum disease and keep it from happening in the first place is to brush your gums. While most people are taught how to brush their teeth, few bother to brush their gums. It’s as simple as using water,  your own homemade toothpaste and a soft brush to brush the gums carefully in a circular motion. This gets the bacteria out of any pockets you have. Then, you can apply more fluoride-free toothpaste and brush your teeth as you normally do.

A traditional dentist can help gums re-adhere to teeth by performing a deep scaling procedure. If you have deep pockets, the procedure may have been recommended to you. This usually has to be repeated once or twice a year and can be painful, so it’s only a temporary solution. Many people who have had it done swear there must be a better way.

A traditional dentist may also trim back gums to help deal with periodontal or gum disease. This is surgery that removes the pockets themselves, but it can make your mouth sensitive and cause a great deal of pain. But it does work to eliminate a lot of bacteria

Today’s modern and holistic dentists provide additional options. The most promising of them is using ozonized water to clean your mouth and kill those oxygen-hating bacteria.

Ozonized Water To Stop Gum Disease

ozonizer unit
Add additional oxygen to the water you use to clean your mouth using an affordable O3 machine. We recommend the Ozonizer brand. This method is a sensible alternative to major surgical and cleaning procedures that cause you pain and get you limited results. Dr. Vinograd suggests a very simple way to effectively use an O3 machine: irrigate your gums with a Waterpik using water ozonized and oxygenated with an O3 machine. When used in this manner, the machine is safe and comfortable to use.

waterpik to irrigate gums
Sure, using a Waterpik can take some getting used to, but it’s worth it. And when used with an O3 machine, it’s extremely effective against gum disease. Simply choose a Waterpik model with a reservoir — not a travel model — and an O3 machine that can handle 1000 mg per hour, meaning you can ozonize the water you need for cleaning your teeth in about 15 minutes. Set the Waterpik on the middle level — not the highest pressure — and add in your oxygenated water.

The Ozonizer is available at You can get a Waterpik online or at just about any drug or discount store. Together, they’re a winning combination.

Be sure to check with your dentist before using the Ozonizer method to see how bad your problem is so he or she will have a baseline from which to monitor your amazing results.

Gum disease interacts with your overall health in so many ways that you simply have to take it seriously. If you don’t, there could be serious consequences.

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