Best Dentist San Diego Has To Offer Provides Longstanding Commitment To His Patients


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Dentist, Dr. Vinograd
The best dentist San Diego has available to it is a holistic dentist with decades of experience satisfying his patients, keeping them comfortable and looking after their overall health too. Should you be one of his patients?


Getting To Know Dr. Vinograd

Dr. Daniel Vinograd has a DDS degree from USC and a dental certificate from Universidad Technlogica de Mexico. He also has a degree in holistic medicine. More recently, he has received a BCLAD from San Diego State University.

All of Dr. Vinograd’s extensive education is aimed at helping people. Although he has chosen holistic dentistry and biocompatible dentistry as his profession, his patients will tell you that he helps them in many way that extend far beyond dentistry. He works with patients on the connection between dental health and overall health and makes sure his patients are well informed about how to keep their mouths and their bodies functioning at an optimal level.

Today, Dr. Vinograd offers his patients more than 30 years experience, most as the go-to dentist San Diego depends on for both dental care and overall life enhancement strategies.


So Much More To Dr. Vinograd

But there’s more to Dr. Vinograd than you might imagine. In fact, there are aspects of his life that even some of his patients don’t know.

For example, he is an associate professor of dentistry at the University of Southern California. That’s right: his alma mater thinks so much of Dr. Vinograd and his skills that they allow him to teach for them. That says something about him and his commitment to his profession.

But Dr. Vinograd also works to help those less fortunate than himself. That’s why he’s participated in several dental mission trips within the United States and abroad.

If Dr. Daniel Vinograd sees a way he can help, he does what he can. And as the dentist San Diego residents confidently depend on, he can put his commitment to work for you if you allow him to become your San Diego dentist.


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