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Dr. Katz Teaching in Los AngelesSometimes as a dentist going to work can feel incredibly monotonous: fillings, braces, whitening, braces, root canal, filling, whitening . . . after a while, it can all start to merge together and you find yourself a little bored of the career that you spent almost a decade perfecting! Of course, this does not mean that it is time for you to start thinking about a change of career – instead, why not add a new treatment option to your roster so that you can mix it up a bit? One that is starting to gain more and more popularity amongst cosmetic dentists is called PRP, or platelet rich plasma, and this simple little procedure can have a huge impact on your patients.

When you offer platelet rich plasma to a patient, you will take some of their blood and enhance the number of platelets that are within it. This gives the blood incredible power to rejuvenate any part of the body that the platelet rich plasma blood is injected into, and many cosmetic dentists use it in order to fill out the patient’s face completely naturally. After all, all you are using is their own blood, which removes the potential for rejection. Your patient will start to see results in a few days, and what amazing results they often are: wrinkles disappear, lines smooth out, the skin feels softer and suppler, and there’s even a bit of bounce to it!

By taking the one day Dentox course being held in Los Angeles in the next few weeks, you will receive the training to offer platelet rich plasma to your patients, and start to bring a little variety back to your professional working life. Why not take this leap and see what it can do for not only you, but also your patients?

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