Sliding Barn Doors Improve with Age!


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Evolution has taken the original style of the sliding barn door from a necessary part of a farm and transformed it into a chic, fun, trendy way to decorate your house. 

In the beginning, of course, sliding barn doors were only found on your farmhouse barn. Naturally people began to find sliding barn doors were not just suited for the horses, cows, and chickens. These amazingly rustic and hearty sliding barn doors have evolved to perfectly compliment an interior or exterior door way. Whether it’s for a residential home, commercial office, or some other location the past ten years have seen a major surge in the use of sliding barn doors in the modern home or office.

Chapter 1 – At First Glance 

Are you a bit of creative and innovative DIYer? Adding wood to the inside of your home can surely add a rustic look that will make you the envy of your neighbors for your stylish taste. Whether you follow the trend and purchase the wood yourself, have a pile of wood you want to use, or have some other plan as to how to find your wood it’s important to remember that: Sliding barn doors great for saving space, also make areas private, and easily glide from one area of the house to another.

Chapter 2 – The Sliding Barn Door and Its Story.

3 Very Important Things to Know Before Finalizing Your Design!

First things first: What is it that you want to cover up or divide? It’s also very important to have a clear vision of what goal the sliding barn door will meet for you.

Secondly make sure that: You have sufficient structural support from above to hold the sliding barn door panels in place, if you want a “NO BOTTOM TRACK” system.

Third and Finally: The question is what is your choice or style preference?

  • Modern, chic, and trendy
  • Environmentally friendly/eco safe
  • Rustic
  • Will there be a locking mechanism?
  • A decorative focal point that makes the door stand out!
  • Visible hardware will be exposed

Sliding barn doors are designed/uniquely styled to make any room enclosure more barn door in houseinteresting than a traditional hinged room closure. Talk about being able to save some space! Sliding barn doors are not like normal doors because they require virtually no specific radius for opening and shutting. These space savers will hug the wall on the side of the doorways opening side to side rather than opening inward/outward on a hinge.

Chapter 3 – Sliding Barn Door Can be Used on More Than Just Homes!

Every office associate needs both space to move around openly for team members to contribute, create, and innovate. Never the less the foot traffic can be distracting when there’s a need for more seriously focused work in privacy. Sliding barn doors offer you a clean, neat, and organized area for a low-cost solution. What a revolution! Even better news is that these sliding barn doors can be installed in less than an hour. The cherry on top is that sliding barn doors are ADA compliant!

Chapter 4 – Sliding Barn Doors: Adding Even More Amazing Functionality 

Sliding glass barn doors may not resemble a traditional barn very closely, but clearly this is the idea! Supremely crafted sliding glass barn doors open with one panel on the left and one on the right. Each panel slides to its respective side, so that you can leave the entire opening free and clear to move heavy or awkward furniture through! Bonus features include the ability to use the deluxe milky glass as a dry erase board too! You can also add a lock and key to your sliding door solution. The tracks likewise can be recessed or if you would like to add a designer handle that is also a great option!

Chapter 5: It’s entirely YOUR choice, but It’s our duty to keep offering you the safest, most cost effective, stylish and functional on the market today! 

Get ready to enjoy a great space saving, cost effective, and easy to install system of your choice. Get in touch with us here at KNR for all your sliding barn door needs! Remember we can do glass better than the rest!

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